Our Online Stores

Welcome to our Online Stores page.  Below is a list and description of all of our online stores and shops.  Check them all out for some awsome products.

Our Online Store - DNJDesigns

DNJDesigns Online Flagship Store:

Store.dnjdesigns.org is our flagship online store.  We sell all of our digital products in this shop, including items not found in our other stores.  We also sell some physical products with our designs.  T-shirts, mugs, canvas bags, ornaments, tablewares, and home decor are just a few of the unique, one-of-a-kind products featured.   Use the coupon below!


Etsy is a global online marketplace where sellers and buyers can find, buy, produce, and sell crafts, digital files, and tons of other incredible and unique gifts.


TeachersPayTeachers is a marketplace for teachers.  Teachers upload and sell digital products they have produced.  The site has products for every subject area and every grade level.

Creative Fabrica:

Creative Fabrica is another global marketplace for digital craft supplies, graphics, fonts, and much more.

We sell on Amazon.com

Amazon is an international technology company focusing on ecommerce.  Amazon has an educator component called Ignite where teachers can sell their digital products.

Boom™ Learning:

Boom™ Learning is a platform that allows teachers to download free or paid digital activities for students of all ages.  The interactive activities are created by teachers and provided for free or for a fee.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or want us to provide a quote for a service.